Intr-o societate dinamica, rezolvarea prompta a unor situatii juridice apare ca o necesitate. Pentru a raspunde acestui imperativ, cabinetul de avocat Remus Tapalaga alege calea cea mai simpla si rapida in rezolvarea chestiunilor de drept supuse atentiei, venind in intampinarea clientilor cu solutii adecvate si eficiente.

Relatia client-avocat are o importanta deosebita in reteta succesului. Suntem onorati de faptul ca multi dintre clienti gasesc in noi un partener de nadejde, si nu doar un simplu intermediar in rezolvarea unei probleme, ca atare, rasplatim increderea acordata prin responsabilitate si seriozitate.

Principiile si viziunea noastra sunt sustinute de profesionalismul cu care intelegem sa raspundem solicitarilor clientilor nostri, drept pentru care va invitam sa colaboram.

Av. Remus Tapalaga are 11 ani de experienta in consultanta juridica, respectiv sapte ani in domeniul avocaturii, oferind servicii si solutii complete pentru toate problemele cu relevanta juridica, prin consultanta, redactare acte ori reprezentare in caz de litigii, fiind avocat pledant si consultant. Remus Tapalaga este specializat in urmatoarele domenii de drept: international, imigrational, comercial, penal si dreptul afacerilor. In completarea studiilor juridice, Remus Tapalaga detine si studii postuniversitare, respectiv masterat in Business.


Remus Tapalaga


In a dynamic society, prompt resolution of legal cases appears as a necessity. To meet this imperative, Remus Tapalaga Attorney Office has chosen the simplest and most expedite way to resolve questions of law submitted to their attention, meeting the client’s needs with appropriate and effective solutions.

The customer-attorney relationship is of the outmost importance in the recipe for success. We are honoured that many clients find in us a reliable partner, not just an intermediary in resolving a problem, as such, we reward your trust with responsibility and seriousness.

Our vision and our principles are sustained by the professionalism with which we understand to meet requirements of our customers, so we are inviting you to collaborate with us.

Att. Remus Tapalaga has an experience of 11 years in legal consultancy, and 7 years as an attorney, offering services and complete solutions for all legal issues, providing consultancy, drafting documents or providing representation in litigation. He is a pleading attorney and a consultant. Remus Tapalaga is specialised in international, immigration, commercial, criminal and business law. In addition to his law studies, Remus Tapalaga has a Master’s degree in Business.


Remus Tapalaga

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